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ButlerJeffrey, an independent fiduciary dedicated to putting client interests first, was founded to provide top-shelf advice and investment management, free of conflicts of interest or unnecessary fees. With a long history of client wealth management, ButlerJeffrey makes solid financial decisions and builds portfolios based on the science of investing rather than Wall Street voodoo. We help clients develop a plan and reach their financial goals — securely and successfully.


Our Services

INvestment management

ButlerJeffrey believes that successful investing involves a solid knowledge of the financial market -- and we help our clients navigate the complexities of managing a varied portfolio. We also know that discipline is rewarded over time with solid return on investment. Thus our investment plans focus on controlling the financial factors we can control, while simultaneously educating our clients on market factors and their impact.


ButlerJeffrey’s approach to financial planning is comprehensive, focusing on more than investment management. We understand that each season of life brings necessary changes to a client’s financial situation. Our plans reflect specific present needs in addition to monitoring future needs, including planning for retirement, risk management, insurance needs, estate planning, tax planning, charitable giving, and wealth preservation. Client goals can remain relatively stable over years, but markets, technology, and policy can change frequently. At ButlerJeffrey, our far-sighted planning process enables us to monitor each client and make timely changes to keep you on an optimal track for financial success.

Photo by g-stockstudio/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by g-stockstudio/iStock / Getty Images

Our Values

INdependent fiduciary

ButlerJeffrey is independently owned; this freedom means that we can dedicate our business to our clients, their families, and their financial goals. As an Investment Advisor, ButlerJeffrey is legally bound to put your interests first. We are unaffiliated with any bank or large financial institution -- meaning that yourinterests and your goals always come first.


ButlerJeffrey offers financial planning that encompasses the varied financial needs of you and your family. Our expertise includes risk management, estate planning, tax planning, charitable giving, and wealth transfer. We help our clients to make educated decisions about wide-ranging, long-term financial plans with confidence. 


Client financial decisions can become increasingly complex over time. ButlerJeffrey understands these complexities and works to clarify what is most important to you and your family. When careful decisions are needed to navigate layers of insurance, law and tax interaction, we work together with trusted experts in those areas to ensure you reach your goals as quickly and securely as possible. 


Financial matters can often be overwhelming and confusing to navigate, especially when clients are running businesses of their own or building a family. At Butler Jeffrey, our goal is help educate our clients, clarify financial options, and establish your saving and investment targets, freeing you to live and work in exactly the way you choose. 


Our years of experience encompass a range of clients with varied goals, but successful financial planning has a common thread -- discipline. At ButlerJeffrey, our dedication to clear, long-term planning enables clients to weather storms and overcome short-term thinking. Our relationship with clients typically lasts decades, and our financial plans reflect our dedication to clients’ lifelong security.

Meet Joe Black

Joe Black

Founding member and partner of ButlerJeffrey,LLC, Joe began his career as a wealth advisor and then partner at FMB Wealth Management. While at FMB, He was the trusted “Family CFO” for over 75 families. He has more than a decade of experience helping clients manage their wealth, working to simplify their complex personal financial situation, plan for retirement or advise on a liquidity event. When he’s not advising clients, he’s spending time with his wife Jess and three boys. When he has spare moment you’ll find him cooking, reading, watching UNC basketball or involved in his local church. He is a graduate of Georgia Tech and University of Georgia Terry College of Business CFP program.

Anna Rees

Anna Rees began her career in early childhood education as a teacher. After a number of years in education and a few years home with her two boys she joined ButlerJeffrey. Loving a good challenge and with her stellar organization skills, she’s the perfect fit for taking care of clients. In her spare time she enjoys hanging out with family, baking and having dinner parties. She’s supported by her loving husband, Stuart and her two boys, Ben and Jack.